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Gone Fishing

We’ll start with the apology. I disappeared on you. Like that guy you were seeing who laughed at all your jokes and kissed you just the right way then never called you back. What the hell, right?

What happened was I ran out of time. I’ve said very little about on this blog about what I do professionally and I will say very little more except this: it’s one of those jobs where you sit around unemployed for a year and then suddenly, completely at random it seems, someone taps you on the shoulder and offers to pay you a handsome amount of money to work your ass off for a few weeks.

So that’s the good news, that I got me a job. The bad is that quickly thereafter my routine became this: get up at 6 AM, take care of Nate until 4 PM, pass him off to Leigh Ann, eat dinner, start my “real” job, then work until midnight. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

As it were, over the last few months this blog has missed a number of Nate’s firsts. Like Nate pulling himself up to standing. And Nate getting his first tooth. And Nate saying his first syllables (“dadadadada”). Rest assured, I have not forgotten these events and will write about them in due time. That could be a couple more weeks. Maybe even longer. But look at the bright side. Every time you check this site and see that this is the most recent post, it means that Nate’s college fund has grown $1 larger.

(The rest I’m spending on heroin.)

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