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So I’ve finally gotten off my butt and added a blog roll. You’ll see it on the right (scroll down).

It’s broken into three sections . . .

BLOGS WITH SPUNK: A collection of other bloggers who have either made me laugh, made me cry, or made a deposit in my Paypal account. Seriously, I take bribes.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Exactly like it sounds – i.e. sites I visit when I think, “You know, time is so fleeting and life so transient that I should probably spend this afternoon looking at photoshopped pictures of people embarrassing themselves. Or, no, wait, let me see if I can get to level 27 in that new tower defense game!”

STUFF FOR KIDS WHO CAN READ GOOD: If you can’t read good, don’t worry. You can still visit these sites. You won’t understand what they’re saying, but most of them have pictures and pretty colors and shiny flashing objects that you can point at while drooling. For the rest of you, these sites are excellent sources of uselessful information that can later be applied in conversation. Like, for instance, when you have a friend who’s about to fly to New York, you can say something like, “Hey, I heard a podcast the other day about how if a plane crashes people who sit in the front are more likely to die.” See what I mean? A real bonus for you socially. Also, Snopes.com is useful for when your Grandma forwards you that email about how Barack Obama is the Muslim anti-Christ.

Explore at your leisure.

I’ll add and subtract stuff without any good reason.

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