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Peak Cuteness

If you’ve already reached your recommended daily cuteness intake, do *not* play this video. Because you will explode.


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So, crap, Nate can crawl. He’s been on this planet for less than 5 and a half months. What the hell, right? At this pace, I’m going to have to teach him how to wear a condom when he’s six years old.

More later. I’m headed off to Home Depot to buy 300 feet of chicken wire.

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I’ve been accused of not posting enough cat pron lately. Specifically, the accusation is that I started off strongly but have since been slacking. Point taken. Hopefully this will appease you hungry cat pron vultures for at least the next few months:

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Want to know how the labor market is looking? Well, you could check the unemployment rate. Or the GDP. Or household income rates. Or (dramatic pause) you could sift through YouTube and see how many examples you can find of creatively blessed and technically skilled individuals spending their time re-cutting other people’s home movies as movie trailers. Like this:

I’d say it’s still looking pretty bleak.

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Everyone knows that moving is hard. But there’s no truth to the rumor that this is how Nate got through our move to Woodland Hills:

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So Nate and I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. While the game was fairly entertaining, I must say the commercials sucked. I mean, like, hard enough to make Nate cry. “Daddy,” his tear-stricken eyes said to me, “There are 10,000 unemployed screenwriters lining Sunset Blvd and this was what the ad companies decided to go with? I don’t understand!”

Poor little guy.

But, then, like Jesus rising from the corruption of Rome, two commercials brought us hope for a better day:

I know people are upset about these. But this is us America. This is conspicuous consumption. This is our national obsession with watching a bunch of overpaid womanizing steroid freaks break each other’s noses in the name of sport. It’s not a crime if someone reminds us of it.

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According to a study from the University of Texas, a father’s diet directly affects his offspring:

A father’s poor eating habits could make his future children sick, suggests new research on mice involving the University of Texas.

The study, recently published in the journal Cell, found that male mice who ate a low-protein diet passed on to their offspring cellular changes in their livers that affect fat and cholesterol metabolism.

This passing on of traits linked to an environmental factor such as diet, using sperm as the vehicle, is one of the theories championed by researchers in the relatively new field of epigenetics.

So there. My crappy cholesterol has nothing to do with all the Ben & Jerry’s I’ve consumed, or the Reese’s peanut butter hearts/eggs/trees, or the Cadbury Creame Eggs. It has to do with the fact that my father starved himself from ages 14-18 in order to make weight for the wrestling team. Nice work, Pa! Sure, you made the state finals. But did you ever stop for a second to think what you were doing to me?

But, seriously, if you’ve never heard of epigenetics, here you’re chance to Google something besides “PETA Veggie Love commercial.” This article from last month’s Time is a decent place to start. Or, if you don’t like reading paragraphs with more than 3 sentences, or sentences with more than 3 words, check out the NOVA series called “The Ghost in Your Genes”:

You know how we laugh at the medical information our parents took as fact?

Well, our kids our going to repay us in kind.

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